Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quiz from Web CEO: Are You Taking Good Care of Your Site?

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  The Web CEO Team wishes you a very successful and creative New Year, and suggests that you take this little quiz to check if you are taking good care of your website.  

Question   Answer
Do you know if  your web server performs well with respect to server stability, connect time, and download time? 1 Web CEO Monitoring tool will give you the answers, as well as results of comparative test with other web servers
Are you sure that your site doesn’t have broken links, and old and slow pages? 2 Web CEO Auditor will help you to detect them quickly
Are you sure that your site’s home page has a good chance to be found on the key phrase for which you optimized the page? 3  Web CEO Optimization reports will tell you if you optimized your site pages well for your target words and give you optimization advice if you need it
Do you have a proof that your site outdoes your competitors’? 4 Web CEO Ranking Score report will compare your site’s search engine visibility to that of your competitors
How often do  you monitor back links to your site? Do you know for sure that you now have more links than before? 5 Web CEO Link Popularity Analyzer not only will count and return the link addresses, but also compare your current results to the past
Do you know if  the quality of partners’ links to your site remains the same over time? 6 Web CEO Partner Finder will find your link partners, e-mail them, and control the linking page’s quality
Do you always recreate sitemaps and resubmit them to Google, MSN, and Yahoo! after you’ve changed your site substantially?  7 Web CEO Editor and Submission tools will do these tasks instantly
Do you keep a history of your website rankings so you can compare your current ranking results to any day in the past when you ran a ranking check?  8 Web CEO Ranking checker not only will generate a multitude of accurate and good-looking reports, but will also keep the history of ranking changes

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