Monday, November 19, 2007

UnScrew Yourself!

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Your department is being eliminated.
You're out of work with a $345,000 mortgage to pay.

You're screwed, right?

Not necessarily. Here's what you do...


  • The notice says American Express has turned down your card application. Your credit report shows slow payment on an account... from 8 years ago! But you need that Amex card NOW for business travel.

You're screwed....right? Don't worry about it. Here's how to unscrew yourself -- royally. Walk away with even better credit than you had before! Flip to page 14.

  • Your PSA test just came back positive.... Oh no! An operation? Radiation? And now your insurance company says sorry, they're not going to pay.

Screwed again!? Don't believe's how to unscrew yourself. See page 9.

  • Oops. You were driving 57 in a 35 mph zone. And you've already got 12 points on your license.

Man, are you screwed! Well, maybe's what to do. Problem solved on page 22.

How often do they happen to you... all the things you wish never happened... the things that ought not to happen...

....the disappointments, the setbacks, the nasty little surprises and accidents...

....the things that make you feel like you're screwed?

More than you'd like, that's for sure...

Well, suppose I told you that there is almost always a way to "unscrew" yourself? No matter what kind of mess you've gotten yourself into... there's always a way out. I'm not kidding.

But it's not necessarily what you might think.

Wiggling your way out of a tough situation requires something radically different... often something so out-of-the-ordinary that only a very out-of-the-ordinary group of characters (like the one we've assembled) would be able to pull it off... be able to successfully devise unique, interesting and sometimes even fun solutions to these very tough problems.

And that's just what my friends at Early To Rise have done.

Today I'm announcing "The Early to Rise Pocket Survival Guide: 13 Sticky Situations and How to Dodge 'Em."

In this very unusual report, they've compiled a baker's dozen of the most exasperating, unfair, and annoying situations you're ever likely to find yourself in... and then they show you clever ways to get out of them that I'll just about guarantee you've never thought of before.

Why wait until the proverbial crap hits the fan? With the Early to Rise Pocket Survival Guide, you'll be prepared to handle some of life's most vexing situations before they even happen.

They'll show you unconventional "escape hatches" from problems such as...

  • Discovering that your medical insurer refuses to cover procedures you need
  • Finding inaccurate information on your credit report
  • Getting a traffic ticket for a violation you didn't commit

You'll learn exactly what do to in these rare-but-just-in-case situations...

  • You are attacked in a parking lot
  • You need a passport quickly
  • You know you're going to be "last minute" at the airport

And even the very-unlikely-but-interesting-to-know-how-to-handle cases of ...

  • Having to fire an employee
  • Being involved in a hostage situation
  • Dealing with an investment scam-artist
These are just a few samples of how you can "unscrew yourself" with their Early to Rise Pocket Survival Guide.

I could go on and on, but I'd much prefer to just hand this 49-page Special Report over to you right now!

Just follow this link - there's absolutely no obligatíon and there's NOTHING to buy.

Best regards,

Patrick Coffey
SiteProNews Reader

P.S. When you read our guide, you'll instantly be able to better protect yourself and your family from trouble... you'll be comfortable handling some of life's messiest situations... and you'll find out how to live a healthier, wealthier, and wiser life.

To get your copy instantly, just follow this link - again, there's absolutely no obligatíon and there's nothing to buy.

P.P.S: Once you download this Special Report, you'll receive a complimentary subscription to Early to Rise - the Internet's most popular health, wealth, and wisdom e-zine. Join hundreds of thousands of readers each morning as you learn valuable strategies and techniques about everything from real estate investments to trimming your waistline to growing your company. With the useful advice you'll glean from Early to Rise, you'll have no trouble becoming healthier, wealthier, and more successful in your business and personal life.

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